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Fast forward to Year 2529. To meet the demands of the competitive economy, humans work an average of 20 hours each day. With only 4 hours left remaining in each and every day, having a social life became impossible. Recreational buildings were all shut down since there was no need for them. The world was driven by numbers, results, and superficial relationships forged to enhance individual statuses. People’s daily routine have become ever more predictable – home to work and work back to home.

With so little time and so much wealth, humans started being obsessed with elevating their standard of living as much as they can during the precious 4 hours that they have each day. With less time being allocated to traveling, services were now all portable and provided in the comfort of the patient’s home.

Unsurprisingly, the longer working hours took a toll on humans’ body and just like robots, humans need some maintenance too.



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